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A Winning 2019 at Near

2019 has been a very eventful year for us at Near, filled with successes and learnings. As I look back, here are a few key milestones we hit:

We launched CARBON in beta in select markets this year and took it to businesses who would gain value from enriching their first-party data with real-world attributes. We saw a big uptake with a certain set of customers as it meant immediate incremental revenue for them. We plan to launch the product in other markets in 2020 based on the promising results we have seen.

We raised one of the largest Series D in our space, and defined actionable focus areas in the platform, markets and products. We have hired some of the best talent in data science and engineering and are already seeing results with updated models, processes and algorithms. More talent in data has also increased our speed to test out new data types across markets and fuse these sets to output intelligence into the platform. With superior offerings, our investment in people across markets and across functions has given a boost to our go to market as well.

We moved into an amazing new home in our India office, where the heart of our product, engineering and science resides. Coincidentally, the move to the building address numbered #1 reflects our growth to the #1 player in our space. The new workspace echoes our core cultural values of work and life integration. 

This growth journey would not have been possible without the hard work and dedication of the team and the trust of our customers, partners and investors. 

We are super excited about the opportunities ahead of us, and for everyone who will join our journey in the new decade.

See you in the New Year.