Where the Young Shoppers at?

For the Millennial and Gen Z shoppers, it’s not the fast-fashion brands — rather Adidas, Nike, Target, Nordstrom and even McDonald’s take the win.

Facing dwindling foot traffic, especially from young shoppers over the last couple of months, Forever 21 is rumored to join retailers including WetSealand Charlotte Russe into bankruptcy.

Footfall at Forever 21 stores across the US

Despite the larger trend of declining footfall between June to September, there has been a 10% increase since the news broke on August 28.

With retailers now looking to lure Forever’s young shoppers, we did a quick analysis of where this efflux of Gen Zs and Millennials is headed.

Just Do It — Or Don’t

Looking at the foot traffic among some of the hottest retail brands in the US we found that Adidas saw more Gen Z visitors to their store than its competitor, Nike. Additionally, the data revealed the following:

  • Adidas is the top sporting goods brand in Austin, and a major hit with Gen Z women in the Texas capital.
  • In Los Angeles, Adidas and Nike are neck and neck, with Gen Z women choosing the two brands over Converse.
  • In New York, Modell’s saw the most traffic, followed by Nike for millennials. However, Gen Z shoppers chose Adidas.
  • In San Francisco, Adidas beats Nike and the stores see a lot of millennial men and Gen Z women shoppers.
  • In San Jose, millennial women chose Nike while Gen Z men chose Adidas.

The data also looked at other popular retailers and discovered that Lululemon is a hit with Gen Z men in San Jose, Gen Z shoppers in Los Angeles prefer Nordstrom over Lululemon, and a significantly higher number of millennial women than Gen Z ones visited Macy’s and Lululemon.

You can find me at Target

Target is making its biggest grocery play in years with the launch of a flagship private-label food brand Good & Gather, with more than 2,000 products to be rolled out over the next 18 months.

  • Gen Z men are more active grocery shoppers than millennial males.
  • Target and Walmart were the top choices among Gen Z shoppers in Austin, while Target was the clear winner among young shoppers in Los Angeles.

Mickey D’s Please

When young people go out to eat, they preferred McDonald’s — regardless of whether they lived in Austin, Los Angeles, New York, San Francisco or San Jose.

  • While Taco Bell and KFC were the second and third fast-food brands most visited by young people in Austin, L.A., San Francisco and San Jose, young New Yorkers visited KFC more often than Taco Bell.
  • Women millennials in Austin were more likely to visit fast food joints than their Gen Z counterparts.

Businesses can use intelligence to more effectively market to their audiences, adjust staffing based on shopper movements in the area, and even change storefront displays to appeal to specific groups in an effort to increase their appeal and boost their profitability.

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