Black Friday in the US : Quick Bytes

Fashion Retailers emerge as clear winners in attracting shoppers to stores

While Amazon emerged a clear winner this Black Friday, here are quick bytes from Near’s data on what happened in stores in the US:

  • Fashion Retailers saw a 31% jump in footfalls on Black Friday, but traffic slowed down over the weekend.
  • Footfalls in Consumer Electronics stores stayed relatively flat with a 0.83% rise over the weekend, indicating heavy online shopping. Friday of the weekend saw much higher footfalls compared to Saturday and Sunday.
  • Unsurprisingly, footfalls dropped by around 9% in Auto dealerships and Supermarkets.

Winners and Losers of offline sales for Black Friday 2017

For Fashion Retailers, Black Friday was a mixed bag:

  • Forever 21 stole the show with its crazy deals, leading to a 95% increase in store walk-ins. Over 74% of the consumers walked in on Saturdays and Sundays.
  • Macy’s saw a 5.98% increase in visits, while H&M stayed relatively flat with a 1.89% spike over the weekend. Macy’s saw a huge spike of 43% on Friday, but shoppers dropped drastically over the next two days.
  • Footfalls to Zara reduced by 13%, the only loser in the set.
  • Nordstrom saw a 12% increase in visits-38% of the consumers visited the store on Friday.
  • Forever 21 was the clear outlier in terms of footfalls over the weekend. While Friday was the peak day for most fashion retailers, visits to Forever 21 stores picked up substantially over the weekend, unlike the rest.

While most of the shopping for consumer electronics was done online, Best Buy did see a 31% jump in footfalls on Black Friday, which settled to a 7.6% average for the weekend because of the empty stores on subsequent days.

Most of the supermarkets and discount stores had no surprise wins this year:

  • Footfalls dropped by 1.9% in Walmart and 6% in Costco.
  • Some major losers over the weekend were Whole Foods (-25.8%), Metro(-15.6%), Kroger(-21%), Aldi(-12.68%).
  • Target saw a small rise of 4.68% in store visits, with the major spike in footfalls coming on Friday.

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This study was done for stores across the US.

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